The Dakar Rally is known as the "game of the brave" "the hardest rally in the world". It is a tough and adventurous motor sport. It is held every year without professional restrictions. About 80% of the participants are amateurs. The motorcycle involved in the race are real off-road vehicles, which need to pass through dunes, mud, grass, rocks and deserts. The distance traveled by motorcycles every day ranges from a few kilometers to hundreds of kilometers.

The Dakar Rally is also the dream of the founder of KOVE MOTO so that 450 Rally will realise his dream and will show the world of motorcyclists the high performance of Chinese rally motorbikes. KOVE  also held a racer selection competition to choose racers to represent China and appear on the world stage with a Chinese motorcycle.
Dakar began the competition since 31st, december, 2022. Our riders showed their best competitive form in the race and achieved ideal results in these stages. We hope they can finish well.